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"The subject was wearing a blue baseball cap a red letter 'D' on the front, tan jacket, yellow T-shirt, faded blue levis and dirty white tennis shoes."

More details are helpful!  



  • Observe where you are and the exact location of the crime. Try to remember if you have ever seen the suspect in the area before.
  • Note the time as precisely as possible.
  • Observe if the suspect is carrying a weapon and, if so, what type-revolver, handgun, shotgun, knife, etc.
  • If the suspect leaves the scene, note the direction of flight.
  • If the suspect is in a vehicle, note as much of the following information as possible: vehicle type (auto, truck, van, etc.); color; make and model; condition (dirty, damaged, etc.); and license plate numbers.
    Note also if the vehicle has no license plates or a "license applied for" sticker in the rear windshield.
  • Watch for decoys or accomplices.


  • Sex
  • Race or national origin
  • Age (estimated)
  • Height-use comparisons with your own height, a door, or some other standard measure
  • Weight (estimated)
  • Build-fat, husky, slim, muscular, etc.
  • Gait-slow, fast, limp


  • Hair-note the color, texture, hairline, style; also possible dyes or wigs
  • Forehead-note forehead height, and whether the skin is smooth, creased or wrinkled
  • Eyes-note the color, shape (round, slanted), whether clear or bloodshot, and the heaviness of eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Nose-overall shape (long, wide, flat, etc.) and nostrils (wide, narrow, flared) are important
  • Cheeks-is the flesh sunken, filled out, dried or oily? are there wrinkles around nose or mouth? are cheek bones high or low, wide or narrow?
  • Ears-note size and prominence (protruding or flat against head)
  • Mouth-are lips thin, medium, full? do corners turn up, turn down, or level?
  • Chin-what is the shape (round, oval, pointed, square)? double chin, dimpled, cleft?
  • Neck-note protruding Adam's apple or hanging jowls
  • Complexion-note pores, pockmarks, acne, razor rash, bumps
  • Facial hair-clean shaven? unshaven? beard, mustache, goatee, sideburns?
  • Tattoos-shape and style; on what part of the body


  • Hat-note color, style, ornaments, how it is worn (bill forward, backward, to one side)
  • Coat-note color and style (suit coat, jacket, topcoat, overcoat)
  • Shirt/Blouse/Dress-note color, design, sleeves, collar
  • Trousers/Slacks/Skirt-note color, style, cuffs
  • Socks-note color, pattern, length
  • Shoes-note color, style, brand name for sneakers (if possible), condition
  • Accessories-sweater, scarf, gloves, necktie
  • Jewelry-rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces
  • General appearance-neat or sloppy? clean or dirty?
  • Oddities-look for clothing too large or too small; odd colors; patchwork


  • Voice-pitch, tone, rasp, lisp
  • Speech-articulate, uneducated, accent, use of slang