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These are based on information extracted from the Sierra Vista Police Department dispatcher's procedure book.  They are not intended to reflect a strict legal definition, but rather as a guide for categorizing events.

Accidents - traffic accidents including hit and run, vehicle vs wall, vehicle vs pedestrian, bicycle vs bicycle, bicycle vs pedestrian

Assault - aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, throwing deadly missile, obscene/threatening phone calls, death threats, shooting, stabbing

Bomb threat - reporting receipt of bomb threat, discovery of a suspicious package or device that might be explosive

Burglary - breaking/entering of a business, residence, or vehicle with the intent to commit a theft or felony

Disturbance - disorderly conduct, verbal disturbance, domestic violence, physical fight or assault in progress

Injuries - unconsciousness, medical problems, injury, unknown injury, accidents, rescue, medical trouble unknown

Fire - Vehicle or structure fire, smell of smoke

Hazard - Downed power line, gasoline spill, , gas leak (natural and propane)

Officer in Trouble - officer requesting emergency assistance, citizen placing a call for help for an officer, disturbance

Robbery - Theft involving use, or threatened use, of weapon. Theft in which the suspect used violence or threat of violence to take an item by force. Attempted robbery.

Stolen vehicle - Theft of a vehicle, moped, or motorcycle.

Suspicious Activity - persons, vehicles, noises, or other activities that may indicate a criminal act is, will, or has taken place. Barking dogs that indicate a possible suspicious event.  DETAILS!

Theft - all thefts, shoplifting.

Urgent Calls - Time is critical to prevent loss of life, serious injury, or loss/damage to property.  There are only a few lines dedicated to 911 and *78 calls.  Calling on these lines with non-urgent issues can tie up a phone line needed to save a life!  Use 458-3311 for non-urgent calls.