Procedures for BOMB THREAT   Back to Report It!
1. Remain calm and keep the caller on the line as long as possible. Ask the caller to repeat the message and record every word.
2. If the caller does not indicate the location of the bomb or the time of detonation, ask for this information.
3. Advise caller that the building is occupied and detonation could result in death or serious injury to innocent people.
4. Pay particular attention to background noises, such as motors running, music, or any other noises which may indicate the location from which the call is being made.
5. Listen closely to the voice to determine voice quality, accents, speech impediments, sex, or unusual characteristics, and complete threat data form.
6. If the caller can be kept talking, ask specific questions as indicated on the attached Bomb Threat Check List.
7. It is desirable, but not always practicable, to have more than one person listen in on the bomb threat call.
8. Immediately notify the University Police. They will initiate search procedures. Under no circumstances should an untrained faculty or staff member attempt to locate and move a suspicious device.

INTELLIGENCE CHECK LIST  - Questions to ask that will help police find these guys!
When is bomb going to explode?  
Where is it right now?  
What does it look like?  
What kind of bomb is it?  
What will cause it to explode?  
 Did you place the bomb?  
What is your address?  
What is your name?  
Threat Language
Exact Wording of the Threat
Well Spoken
  Length of Call:__________ Number at which call is received:_____________
Time:___________ Date:_________
Caller's Voice
Background Sounds
Female Male Age Crockery Booth
Calm Crying Deep Voices Clear
Angry Normal Ragged Music Motor
Cracking Voice Deep Breathing Clearing Throat Office Machinery
Slurred Distinct Street Noises
Nasal Excited Long Distance
Stutter Disguised Factory Noises
Loud Lisp Accent House Noises
Raspy Familiar Other:
If voice is familiar, who does it sound like?