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At a time when we are all concerned with heightened security, here’s how you can help!

The best way to prevent a terrorist attack is by having thousands of citizens use their cell phones as Information Age weapons to report suspicious activity to the proper authorities. Brave citizens who can clearly report the details of the situation can help authorities send the right emergency response teams to the right places.

The A-L-E-RT-S reporting format is the most efficient way to get this information to the Police Dispatcher. 

This site explains the reporting format, has many examples of how it can be used, and even has presentations so that you can provide training in its use!

The ALERTS reference card below is business-card sized and designed to carry with your cell phone. 

It is available in limited quantities at the following locations:

Sierra Vista Police Department
911 N. Coronado
      Sierra Vista City Hall
1011 N. Coronado

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Lieutenant Colonel Neil Garra
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Sierra Vista Police Department
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Sierra Vista Police Department

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Here are some specific details for reporting...
Crime - Suspicious Activity - Injury - Hazard - Fire - Officer in Trouble - Bomb Threat

This site is sponsored by The S2 Company as a public service.  If you have any questions or comments, contact Neil Garra.