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 Report a Hazard 

Phone:911  Cell:*78
458-3311  if  Not  Urgent

Remember... Explanation... Example...
Activity What is the hazard?  Examples
"Manhole cover off and lying to the side of the street...
Location Where did you see it?  Address best, street intersection OK, "400 yards west of Walmart" if you have to. ...near 504 1st Ave...
EMS Injuries that require immediate response by Emergency Medical Services (ie ambulance) injuries...
When did this occur?  In progress?  A few minutes ago? Hours ago?  This determines the urgency of getting police or medical to the scene.'s off right now...
Suspect Was it caused by a crime?   Did you see suspicious activityIf So:

Description:   people and vehicles  

Armed?   weapons

Location now or where you saw him go

...three teenage girls ran off as I approached.  One had long blonde hair and a Kansas City Chiefs Starter Jacket.  Too dark to see the others.  Headed south on 1st Ave."

Answer Dispatcher questions as clearly as possible!

OPTIONAL things you can do to help: 

    1) Identify yourself by name when you call in

    2) Call 911 with updates if situation changes

    3) Wait for arrival of police or emergency crews... especially if the hazard is not obvious.