Overview of the A-L-E-RT-S Reporting Format
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To send an effective report,  Remember...

A - L - E - RT - S!

Phone: 911     Cell: *78

458-3311  if  Not  Urgent

Remember... Explanation... Example...
Activity What is the crime or what did you see? Assault, Burglary, Robbery, Stolen vehicle, Theft, etc. "Shooting...
Location Where did it happen?  Address best, street intersection OK, "400 yards west of Walmart" if you have to. ...at 504 1st Ave...
EMS Injuries that require immediate response by Emergency Medical Services (ie ambulance) ...one person wounded in the arm...
When did this occur?  In progress?  A few minutes ago? Hours ago?  This determines the urgency of getting police or medical to the scene!  In a real crisis they may have to decide where to go first... this will help them make a good decision and save lives! ...3 minutes ago...
Suspect Was it caused by a crime?   Did you see suspicious activityIf So:

Description:   People and Vehicles  

Armed?   Weapons

Location now or where you saw him go

...Suspect is 5'10" male with brown hair and yellow shirt armed with a revolver now running north on Fry Street!"

Answer Dispatcher questions as clearly as possible & Stay Calm!

The Sierra Vista Police Dispatchers are highly trained, and specialize in quickly getting the right information from ANY person who calls with a problem.  But they are few and can be overwhelmed by a major local crisis.  If that happens, citizens trained to give clear and precise reports will make all the difference!!

These checklists were compiled with the help of Sierra Vista emergency services personnel, and reflect their vast experience in handling thousands of major and minor emergencies each year.

Always remember that the MOST important piece of information you can give is LOCATION!  Especially true for cell phone calls because their location is NOT yet provided to the Dispatcher (as are 911 calls).

Here are some specific details for reporting...
Crime - Suspicious Activity - Injury - Hazard - Fire - Officer in Trouble - Bomb Threat

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